Euroasia Staff Solutions

Euroasia Staff Solutions

Euroasia Staff Solutions is a manpower and recruitment company in Romania providing skilled workers from Sri Lanka to Romanian employers.

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Our digital solutions

Euroasia Staff Solutions, a prominent provider of Romanian overseas jobs for Sri Lankans, approached Iridium with the aim of enhancing their online presence and attracting more skilled workers. Our team of experts took on the task and delivered outstanding results.

Here’s a closer look at our approach:

Branding & Logo Design:

  • Our design team took the time to understand Euroasia Staff Solutions’ brand vision and values.
  • Using this information, we created a unique logo that effectively communicated the brand’s message and established a strong brand identity.
  • The new logo was modern, professional, and memorable, helping Euroasia Staff Solutions stand out in a competitive market.

Faster Loading Website & Optimization:

  • We acknowledged the significance of website speed and user experience in today’s digital landscape.
  • Our developers designed a custom website that was visually appealing, fast-loading, well-optimized, and mobile-friendly.
  • Our hosting solutions were optimized to deliver lightning-fast website speeds, improving user engagement and satisfaction.

SEO Strategies & First Page Google Rankings:

  • Our SEO team developed a tailored strategy based on Euroasia Staff Solutions’ target keywords and audience.
  • Our efforts helped the client achieve first-page Google rankings for all “romanian overseas jobs for sri lankans” related keywords in Sri Lanka.
  • This resulted in over 7k impressions and more than 200 clicks per month from Google search results, increasing website traffic and boosting brand visibility.
  • Additionally, our SEO strategies generated around 5 to 10 organic leads every day from various traffic sources, such as search engines, social media, and direct. These leads helped Euroasia Staff Solutions reach a wider audience and further grow their business.

Social Media Lead Generation Ads:

  • Our digital marketing team utilized social media to reach the target audience through targeted lead generation ads.
  • These ads helped Euroasia Staff Solutions find quality skilled workers for available work permits, leading to an increase in conversions and business growth.
  • Our social media strategies aimed to attract more qualified workers and increase brand awareness, generating leads for the business.

Google Search performance

Google Search Console performance results from 08-11-2022 to 06-02-2023

Top 10 ranking countries from 08-11-2022 to 06-02-2023

Our work with Euroasia Staff Solutions resulted in a more professional and recognizable brand image, a faster and better-optimized website, and a strong online presence that helped the company rank on the first page of Google for its target keywords in multiple countries. Our efforts also led to an increase in website traffic, organic lead generation, and a wider reach for the company, helping them find quality skilled workers for available work permits and ultimately growing their business. We’re proud to have been a part of their success and look forward to supporting their continued growth in the future.

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